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At Sports Turf Direct, we are all about providing quality products at fair prices. We are a "one stop shop" for all of your artificial grass needs – from turf glue and seaming tape to installation and consulting services.

Whether you're looking for supplies to install a new field or repair an existing one – or you need someone to guide you through the installation process from start to finish – you can count on the experts at Sports Turf Direct to provide you with everything necessary to ensure you get your "field of dreams."

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Featured Product: Artificial Turf Glue

STA-1000 Synthetic Turf Adhesive is a two component, thixotropic polyurethane-based turf adhesive.

STA-1000 Synthetic Turf Adhesive Learn more about STA-1000 >>
Our sports grass adhesive enables you to quickly and easily create the strongest seams possible for your field. Click the link above to read more about the revolutionary STA-1000 glue box seaming method.