Synthetic Grass Consulting & Field Installation Services

Field Installation Services

Sports Turf Direct provides full-service expert installations on every type of synthetic turf surface. We have installed over 150 fields, including NFL stadiums and practice facilities, major college stadiums, MLS fields, high school stadiums, private indoor facilities, and public parks. Whether your synthetic turf field is being used for football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, or the popular multi-sport platform, you can count on Sports Turf Direct for the best synthetic turf installations.

Our company has been instrumental in the development of advanced techniques that have prolonged the life of artificial turf fields. We use the best seaming materials in the industry, and our revolutionary STA-1000 turf glue is second-to-none. If you want the best installation services, then you want to call the experts at Sports Turf Direct!

Synthetic Turf Consultation Services

Sports Turf Direct provides consulting for synthetic turf fields from the ground up. Our experience from completing over 150 variations of different artificial sports fields enables us to save the potential buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars. New-age fields require knowledgeable consultants to eliminate the need for an over-priced, under-experienced architect or engineer. We have trained more than fifty crews on the proper installation of synthetic turf, and a quality field depends on the installation. Sports Turf Direct's expert consulting services will take you through the entire process from design to construction.

Additional Services

In addition to our full-service installations and consulting, we provide the following value-added services:

• Field Repairs – We offer a full line of repair work that includes damaged seams, field and base undulations, and excessively worn areas, as well as logo restoration and more.

• Field Grooming – Let us groom and inspect your field on a yearly basis to ensure the longevity of your playing surface.

• In-fill – We can top dress your field if you are in need of additional in-fill materials.

• Field Painting – Sports Turf Direct can lay out and paint any aspect of your field on natural or artificial surfaces.

• Anti-bacterial and mold prevention – A clean field is essential to the safety of all players, and we use specialized synthetic turf products to eliminate the problems without harming your surface.